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What sets us apart is that Summit can resurface the inside of the existing cabinet boxes for an even more dramatic change. Also, if you do not want to veneer the boxes themselves, we can resurface them in a color to match the doors you’ve selected. This is a service we have innovated and perfected!

Door Replacement with Veneering

Cabinet doors and drawers can come in a variety of styles. And when paired with the perfect cabinet finish, your design will shine. These styles effect the finished look of your renovation from classic to modern and everything in between.


Countertops add such personality to a room! Each finish has its own style that customizes the final look of every space.  We offer a variety of counters from laminate to granite.


Hardware is another way to customize the look of your cabinets. It’s the jewelry of every Summit Kitchen and Bath.

Mirror Framing

Want to take your boring, frameless mirrors to the next level, but can’t afford a new and expensive framed mirror?  Why not try the less expensive, but no less impressive option of adding a custom frame to the existing mirror?


Changing your backsplash can spice up the look of your kitchen with or without changing out the cabinets or counters.  If you’re looking for a renovation on a budget with a big, fresh look, this project could be just right for you and your current or future residents!


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